Writer’s Block

My fingers are rested on the keyboard but no keys are pressed. It’s like there’s a broken link between my brain and my hands, as I struggle to think of a mere word to write. Is it that I don’t have anything to say? Or do I simply not know how to express my thoughts into words? I can’t be sure. Stretching my fingers and squinting my eyes, I attempt to focus harder, to engage my whole body and force a story to be written. But it doesn’t work that way.  It feels like days go by before I find a single word to write. Rereading a finally completed sentence, my index finger presses a familiar key. Backspace. The sentence I’ve slaved over is sloppy and doesn’t flow how I wanted it too. If your pen doesn’t fluently scrawl across the page the words don’t seem to flow. They fit, but almost robotically. It’s frustrating that when I’m in this state I can’t get my message across. Maybe I’m not meant to. It’s easy to feel like a failure who will never complete a novel or poem. But eventually, I’ll find ideas which will allow my creativity to blossom. I’ll get there.


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