His New Girlfriend

If you were face to face with his new girlfriend what would you do?

Would you cry, talk, smile

It’s not her fault he moved on too fast

She’s caught in the trap just like you were


You could free her, tell her the deepest darkest secrets of your relationship which unlock the truth of how cruel he can be

Or would you question her, try to decipher if her love for him is as strong as yours was



Would feelings of jealousy course through your veins?

Or a tight knot in your stomach, created with ropes of regret, sadness

Sadness for you or her

Probably both


Would you find yourself making comparisons?

He left you a shell of yourself

And you’re too self-conscious to see yourself as equal to her

Only less


Your heartaches

Because the person you once loved now loves another

And you’ll never truly know how his feelings for you were so easily reassigned to another.


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